About the company

Lock & Key Entertainment

"Life is a gift. Following your dreams should be easier than it is. So, if I can help, I’ll do what it takes."

Kristina Rogic, CEO

Lock & Key Entertainment praises talent. Period. Separated by organized entities, we represent and brand artists to their full potential, guiding the actions taken for the challenges ahead. Based in Montreal, Canada, we work locally and internationally with professionals of every aspect in the entertainment field. Growing our networks more per day, we have a vast list that’ll be guaranteed to suit any need. With organized procedures, we prepare different sorts of clients for their skills within their field.

- “Nothing comes closer to family than Lock & Key Entertainment. Easy going and truly there to jump start your dreams and goals. Being a single child, I never had other siblings that would fight for me and have my back. But this company feels exactly like that. They will never let others take advantage of you. Having a company that is ready to defend you and wants you to succeed is something that is hard to find. But I fully feel that Lock & Key is the company that offers exactly that.” – Zack Benbouchta

- “Lock & Key Entertainment is reliable and a very efficient company. They help me grow in every way possible for my career and respect my passion. It’s not just a company, it’s a family.”
– Isabella Carpini Flavien

- “Kristina and everyone at Lock & Key Entertainment are an absolute joy to work with. Kristina is passionate about making each and every one of her clients achieve their life goals.”
– Joey Franco, Studio Zoetropia

-"We feel that we can explore music in ways that really wasn't possible years ago" - AIM Providers, Miami, Florida

-"Lock & Key is an outstanding company to work with! I have been working with them for almost two years now and they are always on top of our needs. They keep their word and are always pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend Lock & Key to anyone looking for any business need" - DFI Sales, Indianapolis/Quebec

-"Lock & Key Entertainment sets the tone for the whole experience. We definitely enjoyed working with them as they were always flexible, adapted and offered solutions that met our needs and constraints. I was able to count on the responsiveness and delivered on time" - Divine 9, Canada

-"We would like to thank Lock & Key Entertainment. The relationship qualities, availabilities and listening skills helped us find adapted solutions to each of our issues. This mission was carried out with respect, agility and quick understanding of our needs. 5 stars" - Sky Consultants, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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