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DJ Rookus

With his entertaining comedic character, Triston is entering a higher level of the DJ world. Currently with King Blingaz and Lock & Key Entertainment, it’s inevitable that music can’t be heard and enjoyed with a different vibe. Currently booked on a weekly basis in the city of Montreal, Canada, DJ Rookus will also be hosting his first radio-streamed show on L & K Radio entitled “Vintage Volt.” Viewers will now get a weekly chance to relax to their favorite old-school hits but that’s not all!  He will also be featured to mix while artists and important business entrepreneurs get interviewed. It only goes up for DJ Rookus from here.


He began mixing at the age of fourteen at family gatherings, perfecting his craft by following the vibe of each party. He then got his first gig hosting and djing at Club Crescent in Montreal, getting hooked working his passion. By 2017, DJ Rookus then joined King Blingaz which expanded his networks and began mixing on a weekly basis. “I go with the vibes of the party. I analyze the people’s current excitement and my goal is to make it even better” says Triston. Not only does Triston open doors for people to have fun, but his comedic comments and energy push people to their full potential on the dance floor. With constant recommendations and bookings, Lock & Key Entertainment approached Triston and could not allow him to walk away without working together. DJ Rookus then opened up for Lock & Key’s first official event to launch the company in October 2018. Currently, he mixes on a weekly basis at different clubs and bars in Montreal, and is now hired to hit the rest of the world with nothing but positive vibes and great versatile music.

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