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Gary Jeanty

Gary Jeanty is an actor and writer of Haitian descent from Miami, Florida, who has a passion for creating stories that resonate with his readers and viewers. His friends describe him as being creative, authentic, passionate and full of energy. Building relationships with like-minded people is exciting and invigorating to Gary, who has worked on several local and independent projects.


When Gary is not in front of the camera acting, he enjoys collaborating with others in learning and studying how to create film and great stories. Always being professional with positive energy is his trait. His passion to work in film is inspiring to others who meet and work with him, locally and abroad. His kindness, patience and appreciation of constructive criticism is welcoming.


Recently, Gary started his own writing business to assist like-minded people to write scripts, freelance write, blog and write reviews. When asked why he loves writing so much, he answered that it challenges him to be innovative and creative by developing and delivering impactful original content that can change the life of his readers and viewers. He is grateful for having a fruitful, stable and inspiring relationship with his mentors and teachers in the film industry. He cherishes their advice, “Always be professional, respect other’s time and be dedicated in honing your craft.”


Gary studies other accomplished works in film and writing. Alfred Hitchcock is his favorite writer and filmmaker and like Hitchcock, he, too, wants to write, creatively in the fields of horror, comedy and action. Ultimately, Gary envisions having his films seen at major film festivals, such as the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals. Gary hopes to gain more work experience in establish a productive and fruitful relationship with and via Lock & Key Entertainment.


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