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Isabella Carpini

I’m a young woman born in a small town with big dreams. On October 16th, 1999, my mother gave birth to a fighter; a believer and a passionate artist. Born in a town where few accepted the fact that I am of mixed race, I never thought I’d ever break the boundaries they put around me. The fact that my color was an issue was not going to hold me back. Being different is a good thing. As I grew older we moved a lot and I was able to explore different areas and nationalities.


I was enrolled in dance school in 2011 and have been consistent with it ever since. I then joined a dance crew that totaled of six dancers, including me!  As much as it was competitive, it still was fun. I even won first place at my first competition ever! I then stayed with that crew for 4 years. I danced in over 25 competitions and competed in over 15 ‘dance battles.’ In January 2016, I was recruited by Swizz Dance School while seeing me perform in a battle. I left my old school and joined Swizz as they offered me instruction, guidance and specializing in choreography. In 3 months I learned 9 full choreographies for competition and at the end of that yearly show, I was awarded with “Student of the Year.”


In collaboration with my management team (Lock & Key Entertainment), we created a social media feed and I stay in shape by working out and dancing daily. I also practice my modeling techniques and poses, and I listen to music and keep up with the trends in pop culture. Dance is not only a passion or a hobby in my eyes, it’s a way of life. I go to the studio 5 days a week for 6 hours per day. I practice over 20 hours a week just to perfect my techniques. Dancing is my therapy. It’s easy for me to express how I feel and let everything out. Modeling does the same.

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